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Calcium and your Teeth

There is a belief that Calcium and Calcium supplements are good for your teeth.

Milk and dairy products such as cheese are rich in calcium. They contain fatty acids, proteins, and phosphates that have decay-fighting properties. However, there is no proof that by increasing the dietary Intake of these foods it will strengthen the teeth further against tooth decay.

Calcium supplements taken after gum surgery or extractions may aid the body in its healing.

Yet, the role of calcium is in the ‘remineralisation’. This is a process by which Calcium and Phosphate are reincorporated into the weakened area that has been attacked by tooth decay. This is dependent on Calcium ions which are present in the saliva.

A renowned company markets a toothpaste which attaches itself to the calcium in the saliva and deposits it on the tooth thereby strengthening it.

The balance of calcium on the tooth is not understood very clearly.

Just maintain a good oral hygiene routine, cut down on sugary foods and have a calcium-rich balanced diet. You will be well fortified against bacterial invaders of your precious pearlies!

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