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Root Canal Treatment in Ranchi

Perfect 32 Dental clinic and Root canal centre in Ranchi

The team of specialists at Perfect 32, strive to provide quality treatment in all fields of dental practice, to all our patients.

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A root canal is a dental procedure that frees the space within the root of a tooth that holds nutrients and blood plus connects to nerves. It’s performed by an endodontist, although most dentists can do a simple one. 

Below we have described how our practitioners conduct root canals at the best Root Canal clinic in Ranchi, Perfect 32 Dental, whether non-surgical or surgical ways to help you better understand these unique treatments. 

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Root Canal Treatment Steps (RCT treatment Procedure)

A Root Canal in Ranchi procedure is simple. First, our dentist needs to clean out all the infected pulp and then fill the canals.

Preparing the area

The dentist begins the procedure by numbing the affected area with an anaesthetic gel or spray. Then, if needed an anesthetic injection is used to numb your tooth and gums, and sometimes even nearby teeth.

The dentist next positions a barrier called a dental dam over your teeth. This process isolates the tooth that needs the root canal so that it’s easier to access to complete the procedure.

Removing the decayed part of tooth

  • Shaping the canals
  • Disinfecting the canals
  • Filling the canals

Our dentists use gutta-percha for filling the canals. It is a rubber-like material that is placed inside the canals and then heated.

The dentist compresses it so it fits snuggly against the walls. Next, the dentist adds adhesive cement to further seal the canals. Properly sealed canals keep bacteria out.

Filling the access hole

The dentist must sealthe access hole to prevent bacteria from entering.. The filling also prevents cracks and holes from getting bigger.

Healing and antibiotics

After the procedure is done and your gums have had some time to rest, you will be sent home with some pills to help make sure that your mouth feels more comfortable. 

It’s normal to experience a little discomfort after the dentist has worked his wonders. Over-the-counter pain meds usually do the trick quite speedily.

Adding the crown

If the root canal is on the back tooth or there are significant cracks, the patient will be required to restore it. The procedure generally involves placing a crown over the tooth to add stability and strength, which also gives it more life expectancy.

A permanent crown is in place that matches existing teeth so one does not need to worry about its being noticeable.

Meet Our Root Canal Specialist Team

Meet our highly experienced and trained doctors, Dr. Praveen Kumar and Dr. Shaily Poddar, who have been providing quality treatment to all patients visiting Perfect 32 Dental for years.

Dr. Praveen Kumar
M.D.S. (Prosthodontics and Implantology)
Dr. Shaily Poddar
B.D.S.(Gold Medalist), MISOI(Delhi)
P.G.Cert- Oral Implantology(RGUHS)

What our Patients say

Best dental clinic with affordable price, starting from the staffs to the doctor each and everyone was very cooperative. Doctor Praveen kumar attended me whom I think is one of the most polite, and well spoken doctor with lots of experience. I m fully satisfied with the clinic and would recommend others for it.
Modern and equipped facilities with good service, Dr. Pravin Kumar is very polite and experienced , Rct treatment done without any pain, and finishing of capping is very good and very comfortable. All staffs are very polite and supportive. Thank you Perfect 32 team.

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