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Dental Aligners​ Ranchi

People may find it inconvenient to show off their pearly whites with a gap between their teeth. This can lead to embarrassment and prevent them from thoroughly enjoying their food or participating in activities that reveal their teeth.

The best solution for treating crooked or misaligned teeth is to visit a Dentist. They will give you a consultation and let you know which options are available when it comes to straightening your teeth, including metal braces, invisible braces for teeth, lingual braces, and aligners!

Invisible aligners for teeth can treat misalignment problems like overbite, underbite, crooked teeth, the gap between teeth, and several other types of teeth misalignment issues. A dental professional has the training, knowledge, and expertise to provide a quality treatment that can help achieve proper teeth alignment.

What Are Aligners?

Here at Perfect 32 Dental, we provide high-quality aligners as per your needs and desires. For example, we know that you want a smile that looks great and will last. So our custom aligners are crafted precisely to fit the profile of your mouth! As a result, you’ll be free to enjoy your smile without intrusive bars or wires restricting your natural oral health or beauty!

Teeth aligners are worn for at least 20 hours daily to reach maximum effectiveness. Clearly, since the aligners are worn so long, they work best when incorporated into your life as much as possible, 24 hours a day – hence the need to wear them at night while you sleep. Aligners may also be worn during particular sporting and social events when appearance is important. Each aligner is worn for two weeks before changing to the next one.

Overall, aligners offer a much shorter treatment than traditional braces and are much comfortable and easy to wear.

Clear aligners offer a fast way to straighten your teeth, but at the same time, they let you enjoy the benefits of not wearing metal braces. Plus, they are a good option if you want to make minor corrections, especially after having braces and if you want more control over how your teeth turn out.

What do you need to know about dental aligners in Ranchi?

If you are suffering from underconfident smiles or want to make your smile better, then visit Perfect 32 Dental, known as the best clinic for dental aligners in Ranchi.

Our expert dentists can help you align your teeth perfectly and gain that perfect smile.

Different Types of Teeth Aligners

First thing to know, aligners and braces are two different dental tools serving the same purpose, that is rectifying crowding, crooked teeth, or teeth that are out of alignment.

Braces are made up of metal, rubber bands and wires that force the teeth into place.  Whereas, Aligners are now made up of plastic and are molded out of a patient’s real teeth. They provide an easier method to handle misaligned teeth and are much more comfortable to wear than braces could ever be!

Step 1: Making the Aligners and Attachments

Dentists today use 3D imaging much like engineers do to ensure proper patient treatment. The images are taken of your teeth, which helps create a custom aligner that will precisely move your teeth into place or the dentist will only need to take an impression of your teeth one time and copy that onto a digital model from which all subsequent aligners will be made.

Step 2: Dental Office Visits

At each visit, you will get individual Invisible braces in Ranchi that are designed and manufactured to be used for a specific period depending on an assigned prescription. Your dentist or orthodontist will let you know how long to wear each before putting in the next. When all aligners have been worn and completed, your teeth should be aligned to their target positions as determined by your initial assessment. Overall, you’re likely to have fewer visits to the dentist than if you had braces simply because aligners are much less intrusive.

Meet Our Dentist Specialists

Your treatment will be in the hands of our expert teeth Aligners doctors in Ranchi, Dr. Praveen Kumar and Dr. Shaily Poddar. Our dentist at Perfect 32 Dental has extensive experience in all types of dental treatment.

Dr. Praveen Kumar
M.D.S. (Prosthodontics and Implantology)
Dr. Shaily Poddar
B.D.S.(Gold Medalist), MISOI(Delhi)
P.G.Cert- Oral Implantology(RGUHS)

Aligners Treatment Cost

If you’re concerned about how your teeth look, you might consider getting braces. You can book an appointment with us, where our trained experts will offer accurate information about braces and advise on how to file your costs based on the severity of your condition.

If you choose to move forward, Perfect 32 Dental can help prepare a good set of x-rays and impressions to work to design the proper aligners required for this procedure. Prices vary depending on whether or not straighteners are needed for adults or whether it’s only a minor correction.

Dental aligners cost anywhere between Rs 80000 and Rs 3,50,000 depending upon the number of aligners needed.

Frequently Asked Question: Dental Aligners Ranchi

The Invisalign treatment will make your teeth perfect for a lifetime.

Invisalign are much easier to use and looks much better than braces. They are less painful too.

Yes, you should wear your Invisalign to sleep. Remove them only while eating, drinking hot drinks and while brushing your teeth.

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