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Our mission is to provide the highest level of dental services at an affordable price. We offer you a full range of services. Our clinic practices dental treatment and restoration using painless techniques.

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Teeth Cleaning in Ranchi

Perfect 32 Dental, based in Ranchi, is one of the best multi-specialty dental clinics in the city. Through its internationally qualified team of dental experts, world-class dental equipment and technology, and patient-centered treatment programs, it ensures a complete personalized dental experience for its patients.

Perfect 32 Dental is regarded as the best dental clinic in Ranchi for the following reasons

  • Personalized care and treatment focus on identifying and eliminating the root cause of any problem that the patients face.
  • Using cutting-edge technology and a new-age approach to dentistry to make the treatment process painless. Our clinic is outfitted with the most up-to-date dental technology, as well as state-of-the-art sterilization and laboratory facilities.

Perfect 32 Dental is one of the very few holistic dental practices in the country. Therefore, while your treatment is planned, we also consider your total health.

Reward Yourself with Comprehensive Dental Cleaning Services in Ranchi

Our treatments and services are given in a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere.

What is Teeth Cleaning?

Cleaning our teeth is undoubtedly one of the most undervalued activities we engage in daily. Yet, many studies have discovered that people frequently do not brush their teeth adequately. In most cases, their cleaning methods and routines cause more harm than benefit. In addition, people are commonly perplexed as to why they have dental problems despite regular brushing and flossing.

It is necessary to visit your dentist regularly to get your teeth cleaned. Most dentists recommend visiting them once every six months for cleaning procedures.

If you have any questions concerning the procedure, or to know the teeth cleaning cost in Ranchi, you may consult our specialists, who will be happy to assist you.

Different Types of Teeth Cleaning

Prophylaxis cleaning: A prophylaxis cleaning is a teeth cleaning technique performed on a generally healthy mouth. A prophylaxis cleaning is intended to provide routine maintenance, such as eliminating an expected quantity of tartar and plaque from the teeth’s surface, gums, and in between teeth.

A prophylaxis cleaning is likely to be the suggested teeth cleaning method for people who visit the dentist regularly and maintain good oral hygiene. Although people who get a prophylaxis teeth cleaning usually have a healthy mouth, to begin with, it can help them eliminate undesirable plaque and tiny stains from the surface of their teeth.

Scaling and root planning: Scaling and root planing is a little more intrusive (but non-surgical) teeth cleaning process that involves thoroughly cleaning the gums, gum line, and other tooth-supporting components.

Scaling and root planing are frequently prescribed for gum disorders, including gingivitis or periodontitis. Scaling and root planing can take several dental visits because it entails smoothing down the surface of the tooth root and eliminating any tartar and plaque.

Gross debridement: People who haven’t seen the dentist in a while require a gross debridement or deep cleaning. It is needed to remove tartar and plaque from all mouthparts.

A gross debridement is not given to everyone who hasn’t seen the dentist in a while. The dentist will begin by doing an oral examination. Then, the dentist determines whether standard prophylaxis teeth cleaning is sufficient or if a gross debridement is required before the prophylaxis cleaning after the oral exam.

Periodontal maintenance: Periodontal maintenance is routine oral care for people who have significant dental problems. Periodontal maintenance is especially important for people who have gingivitis or periodontitis.

Periodontal maintenance usually entails regular visits to the dentist to have the entire mouth cleaned. It is generally done over a period of time or until all oral health issues have been addressed, and the symptoms of gum disease have been controlled and brought under control.

How do we accomplish our teeth cleaning procedures?

Physical Exam: The physical examination performed by our teeth cleaning specialist is the first step in the teeth cleaning process.
Plaque and tartar removal near the gum line: There may be occasional scratching noises, but this is expected. Tartar can be prevented by flossing regularly at home. Then, the dentist uses a scaler to remove plaque and tartar buildup around the gums. The more tartar there is, the more scraping is required to remove it.

Flossing: Flossing is used to remove any tiny particles that have become lodged between your teeth.

Rinsing: It is recommended that you carefully rinse your mouth to remove any impurities that may have accumulated.

Fluoride treatment: You will receive a fluoride treatment in which the fluoride will be put to your mouth in the flavor of your choices, such as mint or strawberry.

Meet Our Teeth Cleaning Specialist Team

Meet Our Dental Implant Specialist Team:

All our surgeries will be carried out or supervised by prosthodontist.

Dr. Praveen Kumar
M.D.S. (Prosthodontics and Implantology)
Dr. Shaily Poddar
B.D.S.(Gold Medalist), MISOI(Delhi)
P.G.Cert- Oral Implantology(RGUHS)
Who needs to get their teeth cleaned?

This treatment is available to everyone at least once a year. However, according to your dentist, these procedures should be done every six months. These treatments are especially recommended for youngsters who are prone to cavities.

Who isn’t a candidate for teeth cleaning?

Anyone, regardless of age or gender, can safely receive the treatment. Prodding, washing, and slight jaw soreness are all part of the procedure. Consult your physician about your fears and requirements.

What are the advantages of teeth cleaning?
  • Keeping your teeth clean can help you avoid gum disease and tooth loss.
  • The removal of stains that cause discoloration of the teeth.
  • Keeping teeth clean helps to avoid cavities and tooth decay.
  • Cleaning removes bad breath that isn’t removed by brushing or flossing, so it keeps your mouth odor-free.
  • There is a significant difference between before and after cleaning teeth because tartar and plaque are entirely gone.
What are the side effects of cleaning your teeth?

No, tooth cleaning has no adverse side effects. However, because your mouth will be open for an extended period, you may have some jaw discomfort. In addition, during the cleaning process, patients with sensitivity may experience a slight zinging sensation in their teeth. However, this discomfort is transient and should subside within a few hours of the procedure.

What should you do after your teeth are cleaned?

Following the treatment, you can resume your normal activities. You must follow the dentist’s recommendations for general oral hygiene and ensure that you follow them regularly. Your teeth, and their state, can reveal a lot about your overall health. Make sure you brush and floss your teeth regularly.

Teeth Cleaning Cost in Ranchi: Affordable & Smart

Well, not everyone charges the same. It’s essential to know the cost and the reason behind it. Contact your insurance company to check if they cover any part of the procedure. However, we can assure you that we provide the best rates for teeth cleaning in Ranchi.

Frequently Asked Question: Tooth Cleaning in Ranchi

Treatment in India is determined by the dentist you are receiving treatment from. Teeth cleaning is usually included in a whole package and costs around INR 1,500. If an x-ray is required, the cost may increase.

There is no downtime following the teeth cleaning procedure, and you may resume your routine right away. However, it is recommended that persons with sensitive teeth relax because the cleansing may cause a slight tickling sensation in their teeth. Aside from that, you can go about your daily business.

Teeth cleaning is not something that should be done regularly. It all relies on what you eat and how well you keep your mouth clean in between. However, it is safe to receive these treatments once every six months, especially if you are a smoker or have a caffeine addiction. Children must also receive treatment to keep their cavities under control.

The most common alternative to this treatment is at-home tooth-cleaning techniques. Brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash regularly can help you maintain good oral hygiene. However, in today’s society, we prefer to overlook these issues most of the time. As a result, teeth cleaning treatment should be done frequently.

Dental implants are a long-term solution since they are embedded in your jawbone exactly like natural teeth. They are better than your natural teeth since they can’t develop cavities.

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